Here at Saguaro Veterinary, we highly recommend annual blood screens, as they allow us to detect disease processes in the initial stages before physical symptoms are present as well as build customized baseline values that allow us to trend subtle changes over time!

Premier Annual

Comprehensive Chemistry ProfileComplete Blood CountFecal AnalysisGiardiaThyroid T4 and free T4Heartworm & Tick Disease Screen


Comprehensive Chemistry ProfileComplete Blood CountFecal AnalysisGiardiaThyroid T4Heartworm Screen

Annual Basic

Comprehensive Chemistry ProfileComplete Blood CountFecal AnalysisHeartworm Screen

Feline Annual 

Comprehensive Chemistry ProfileComplete Blood CountFecal AnalysisGiardiaThyroid T4

What do these tests tell us about your pet's health?

Comprehensive Chemistry Profile - Gives in-depth comprehensive information on organ function, and internal health.

Complete Blood Count - The CBC checks your pet for inflammation, infection, anemia, blood clotting ability, and so much more!

Fecal Analysis, Giardia - Microscopic exam for intestinal parasites. Many parasites that pets can get can be transmitted to humans!

Thyroid T4, Free T4 - Screening test for thyroid disease.

Heartworm & Tick Disease Screen - Blood test that can test for the presence of heartworm infection and tick-borne diseases.

Saguaro Veterinary recommends annual lab work for your pet primarily for the extended health of your companion.

Blood Work - Our animals can be stoic at times and a primary way we may be able to identify disease or problems before your pet show clinical signs is with regular blood work. This gives us the best opportunity to help keep them healthy longer.

Urinalysis - Urine is one of the ways the body filters blood, so it adds another avenue for early disease detection.

Fecal Analysis - Intestinal parasites lay eggs that can be seen in fecal samples under a microscope. It also gives us a chance to see how your pets bowl movements look which can be beneficial as diagnostic tool.

Heartworm Test - The American Heartworm Society recommends an annual heartworm test. We require a heartworm test prior to dispensing heartworm prevention.

Tick Panel - Typically we do not see ticks here in the valley of the sun. If you have seen ticks or travel to wooded areas or areas of the country where ticks are likely to be, this test is recommended. Tick borne disease can be caused by ONE tick and can cause some serious, but mostly treatable health issues. This panel tests for the most common ones we encounter.

T4 - The thyroid produces this hormone which is intricately involved in numerous body systems. As pets age this hormone can begin to decrease and cause issues in several other areas.


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