Veterinary Assistant

Skylar Knight is a dedicated veterinary assistant/technician at Saguaro Veterinary, where she
fosters lasting connections with both clients and their beloved pets. Currently pursuing her
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Midwestern, Skylar eagerly anticipates returning to
Saguaro with expanded knowledge and skills.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree and certified in Recover CPR Rescuer-BLS/ALS, she is a committed member of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association. Despite the demands of her studies, Skylar finds solace in weightlifting and cherishes moments with friends. Her passion for animals, nurtured since childhood, led her to choose this fulfilling career, where she can advocate for their well-being and reciprocate the boundless love they provide every day. At home, she shares her life with three adoring dogs: Nugget, a Yorkshire Terrier; Honey, a mixed breed; and Spade, a Labrador/Pitbull mix.