Veterinary Assistant

Madeleine is an invaluable veterinary assistant/technician at Saguaro Veterinary, where she finds fulfillment in the supportive and employee-centric environment cultivated by the clinic. With her veterinary assistant certification under her belt, Madeleine brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Outside of her professional duties, she thrives on exploring new hiking trails, immersing herself in the pages of a good book, staying active with workouts and reveling in all things outdoors. At home, Madeleine's household is enriched by the presence of Banana and Squidward, her playful rats, and Hoppy, her resilient three-legged cat. Madeleine;s decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine stems from her appreciation of the unique challenges it presents - working with animals who can't communicate verbally provides a stimulating and rewarding experience unlike any other. With her passion for animal care and commitment to excellence, Madeleine is an indispensable member of the Saguaro Veterinary team.