Dr. Michael Soltero


A Life Devoted to Veterinary Care and Adventure

Dr. Michael Soltero, better known as "Dr. Mike," is not just a distinguished veterinarian but a multifaceted individual who has forged a remarkable journey through various careers and hobbies. As one of the owners of Saguaro Veterinary, Dr. Mike has left an indelible mark on the field of veterinary medicine, blending a passion for animal care with a love for adventure and lifelong learning.

Early Aspirations and Academic Pursuits

Dr. Mike's journey into the world of veterinary medicine commenced in 1997, a year filled with aspirations and dedication. During his early years of veterinary school, he carried out diverse roles, working as a commercial metal frame and drywall installer, and engaging in residential framing. This unique blend of experiences taught him the value of hard work and a hands-on approach to life.

Despite his initial dedication to veterinary school, Dr. Mike took a brief detour in 2000. He embarked on a career as a fitness director and personal trainer, fostering his interest in health and wellness, and honing his skills in personal care and coaching.

A Journey Through High Finance

In pursuit of new challenges, Dr. Mike transitioned into the high-net-worth insurance industry in Colorado, a venture that allowed him to explore the intricate world of financial services. Yet, his dream of becoming a veterinarian never waned. It ultimately beckoned him back to veterinary school, leading to his graduation with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Kansas State University in 2009.

A Passion for Teaching

Since 2003, Dr. Mike has been actively involved in teaching veterinary ultrasound techniques across the United States. His commitment to educating future veterinarians underscores his belief in sharing knowledge and advancing the veterinary community.

The Heart of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Mike's favorite aspect of his job is fostering meaningful, long-term relationships with clients while providing the best care for their beloved pets. He holds a comprehensive knowledge of various facets of animal health, including dentistry, dermatology, cardiology, internal medicine, radiology, and surgery.

A Writer and Advocate

Dr. Mike has extended his influence beyond the clinic by contributing a chapter/article to a book titled "It's Like a Miracle." His article, "Why Feed Your Pet as You Feed Yourself?" reflects his commitment to educating pet owners and promoting the overall well-being of animals.

Passions Beyond Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Mike's interests transcend the boundaries of his profession. He enjoys participating in local handgun competitions and holds memberships in organizations like USPSA, IDPA, SASS, and the NRA. Northern Arizona beckons him for leisure, as he seeks solace and adventure amidst its picturesque landscapes. He is also a wildlife and nature photography enthusiast, capturing the beauty of the natural world both above and below the water's surface.

A Family Man and Explorer

At the core of Dr. Mike's life is his family. He is a dedicated husband and father to two daughters and a son. His family serves as a source of inspiration, reflecting his compassion and love for those he cares for in his professional life.

Dr. Michael Soltero's life is a testament to the pursuit of one's dreams and the pursuit of diverse passions. His journey, filled with determination and dedication, has not only enriched his own life but has significantly contributed to the well-being of countless animals and their owners.