Dr. John Soltero


Dr. John Soltero is a highly skilled veterinarian and the proud owner of Saguaro Veterinary. His passion for veterinary medicine was influenced by his father, who established the clinic in 1984. He figured out that he wanted to be a veterinarian while serving in Iraq, while reading a biology textbook. Dr. Soltero finds immense satisfaction in healing animals and helping clients achieve optimal care. 

Dr. Soltero enjoys working with various modalities to achieve the best and most efficient care possible. He actively seeks out opportunities to learn new techniques that can contribute to the healing and well-being of his patients. His dedication to continuous improvement led him to pursue natural healing as well as an acupuncture degree through Chi University located in Florida. He enjoys integrating both eastern and western philosophies combining them into modern integrative medicine. He enjoys doing orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. The integrative approach allows him to tailor treatments to individual needs, ensuring the highest level of care and promoting health and preventing disease.

Dr. Soltero's educational background includes attending Ross University School in St Kitts as well as Virginia Tech from 2008-2012. He attended Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community College and attained a Biology of life sciences degree from 2005-2008. He graduated high school from Desert Mountain in 2000. 

Prior to his veterinary career, Dr. Soltero served as an Army Ranger in the 2nd Ranger battalion doing the early 2000s. He served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the special operation unit. This experience instilled in him a strong sense of discipline, resilience, dedication and a sense of morals, qualities which has integrated into his veterinary practice.

As a Doctor of veterinary medicine since 2012, Dr. Soltero continues make a significant impact in the field of veterinary medicine, providing compassionate and honest care striving for excellence in every aspect of his practice. Dr. John is the proud parent of 2 boys, Max and Miles. They are a strong motivating factor in why he tries to do better every day.