Dr. Candice Emerson

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Candice Emerson, an esteemed associate veterinarian at Saguaro Veterinary since 2019, is a dedicated professional whose journey in the field of veterinary medicine is marked by a deep love for animals, academic excellence, and a lifelong commitment to their well-being.

Early Aspirations and Academic Journey

From a young age, Dr. Emerson's heart was captivated by the wonders of the natural world. As a child, she dreamt of becoming a marine biologist and spent her formative years volunteering at a wildlife rescue organization, nurturing her passion for wildlife and conservation.

Her educational journey was equally remarkable. In 2003, Dr. Emerson graduated from Colorado State University, where she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. This marked the beginning of her professional journey in animal care.

A Champion of Wildlife Conservation

Before venturing into the world of veterinary medicine, Dr. Emerson pursued her passion for wildlife by graduating with honors from Arizona State University (ASU), earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology. Her academic achievements reflect her dedication to the conservation and protection of animals in the wild.

Dedication to the Community

Since 2003, Dr. Emerson has been a respected presence in the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills areas of Arizona. Her practice has not only provided vital medical care for dogs and cats but has also been a pillar of support for countless families who share a profound love for their animal companions.

A Love for Four-Legged Friends

Dr. Emerson's favorite aspect of her role as a veterinarian is the deep bond she forms with her patients and their human companions. Her genuine care for animals shines through in every interaction, and her clients appreciate her compassionate approach to veterinary care. Her work with dogs and cats is a testament to her unwavering commitment to their well-being.

A Lifelong Advocate for Animals

Dr. Candice Emerson's life journey has been guided by an enduring passion for animals, both in the wild and in our homes. Her dedication to their health and happiness has made her an invaluable presence in the world of veterinary medicine, and her commitment to conservation biology showcases her deep respect for the animal kingdom. As an associate veterinarian at Saguaro Veterinary, she continues to touch the lives of countless pets and their owners, leaving a lasting impact on the community she serves.