Testimonial 5


I have three  Argentine Dogos.  Neutered males, ages 11, 8, and 6.  I was feeding the #1 dry dog food with no fillers or additives.  My 11 year old at 135 lbs. came down with gastric hemorraghic enteritis.  We found him in the morning with a trail of blood throughout the house.  "Shorty" recovered and was suspected to have Cushing's.  The emergency center wanted to see him two weeks later.

Instead I brought him to Dr. Soltero about a month later when he was eating again.  He was having a very bad time getting up and down.  In fact, I was having to use a towel under his belly to get him to stand and to do stairs.  His hind legs would fall out apart behind. It was very sad.  He had a terrible hair coat, bald and blotchy.

"Kundi" my 8 year old at 150 lbs. was also having difficulties standing and I was having to lift him to his feet with a towel under the belly. He would cry when he wanted to get up so I would help him.

"Murray"  the 6 year old was very lethargic, acted older than the others, slept all the time and was balding.  The three dogs were fat and had bloated bellies.

Since I had lost my first Dogo at 9 1/2 years, I just assumed this was an aging thing since these three were much larger dogs.

When Dr. Soltero saw "Murray" and "Shorty", he immediately said, "They look like crap.  Stop the dry food!  Put them on raw buffalo (Bison)."  Having trusted him for 22 years and fortunate enought to afford it, they went on a diet of 8 oz. bison, vegetables, rice, barley or pasta, in the morning, and the lecithin.  Immediately there was  a change in them.  Within a week, "Shorty" and "Kundid" were getting up and down without assistance.  Their stools became formed instead of loose, Their eyes brighter, much more energetic.  Back to whining to wake me up at 5:30 a.m. to go out for a walk, like when they were young dogs.  Their bellies were no longer bloated and within a month "Shorty" and "Murray's" coats were more even and filled in.

"Shorty" who used to have several heavy breathing sessions, which I think was a sign of pain, rarely has them.  I had been givining him Pepto Bismol tablets for it.

They never before would eat vegetables.  Now they eat them all and seem to enjoy them.  They always used to leave some of the dry food and were never really into eating, now they anxiously gobble it up and seem to really enjoy it. 

I also make them their treats.  Cookies from oatmeal, oatbran, flaxseed meal, peanut butter, eggs with shells, canola oil and maple syrup.

"Murray" has gained 5 lbs but looks slimmer.  His shoulders are prominent and his belly is defined. 

"Murray" and "Kundi" are again romping and playing as they did as puppies.

In the past I had several dogs and I only wish I had known to do this with them. I didn't realize how important diet was. I was so ignorant and thought dogs eat anything so you can feed them anything. I am sure some of my other dogs would have lived longer and enjoyed their quality of life had I only known.

Thank you for figuring this out,

Much love....Ellen Obrien