Testimonial 4


We had just lost our second Rottie (from cancer) in January of 2003.  In fact, this was our third dog that had contracted the disease. Dr. Soltero's office called in March.  They had received a severely abused rottweiler with a shattered right front leg and the mangiest haircoat we had ever seen.  We found out later that she had a plethora of internal problems.  She was about 2 1/2 years old.  We decided to take "Bea" and give her the best home possible.

We started to feed "Bea" on the diet dog food we had fed our other Rotties.  "Bea" was vomiting, listless, and, in general, a very poor sight.  At that point we had tests run; she had high liver enzymes. We gave her milk thistle and other natural remedies to bring the liver enzyme problem under control.  It didn't help.  In addition, she'd developed tick fever, and at times she could not keep food down and she had a tendency to get bloated.  We thought she had a blockage.  After another exploratory surgery, we found there was no blockage.  More testing was done and we were frustrated so we decided to get a second opion fraom Dr. Soltero. They wanted $2000 for a liver biopsy and Dr. Soltero told me that the best I would get is a diagnosis but not a treatment so why not stop the dog food and put Bea on people food and see what happens. 

Breakthrough at my veterinary clinic

It was  Dr. Soltero' suggesting a different diet. (We knew he had experienced liver problems.)  Dr. Soltero had been on a similar diet, and it seemed to help him; it was definitely worth a try for "Bea."

So "Bea" became the lucky dog with a great diet:  goat yogurt and pineapple in the morning; wild salmon (canned), madhed sweet potatoes, garlic and ground flaxseed in the evening.  Snacks were baby carrots and celery.  She ate what we ate.

Over time, she became more alert.  Her weight is under control and her coat is glossy and soft.  "Bea's" test results are normal.  She is seven years old now and is as excitable as a three year old.

We will never go back to dog food for any of our pets.

Cheri & Chuck Craig