Our Clients Say...

The staff was very nice and walked us to the exam room on time. Dr. John took the time to ask how our pet was doing and offered some great advice for an issue that we were experiencing. Great staff and a great veterinarian.

Bob G.

My 8-year-old yellow Labrador, Ginger, lost 22 pounds on Dr. Soltero's healthy weight diet! She is like a puppy again. Thank you so much! I am sure the diet added years to her life. Thanks again!

Kandace R.

Wonderful vet! I take all 5 of my dogs here, my family brings their dogs here, and my friend brings her puppy here.

Elliot J.

Dr. Mike, Amanda, and the rest of the staff are amazing.

Jenna L.

Dr. Emerson is very kind and does a really good job with my pet.

Peter B.

I had a great experience with my vet. She made time to get to know my puppy. Thank you for showing that you care.

Beth S.

We have an aggressive dog and the staff handled her so well! We’re very pleased with how this annual checkup went how well she was treated and how well she responded to the staff. Thank you guys!

Larissa S.

The check-in was efficient and on time. The staff was warm and welcoming. The vet assistant was very kind and friendly. The vet was kind and thorough in performing the exam. She took time to explain treatment options for Bailey's itching issue. The overall experience was very positive.

Dave Z.

My dogs have been patients of Saguaro Veterinary for 20+ years, first as patients of Dr. Rick Soltero and then as Michael and John.

Andrea F.
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