Veterinary Assistant

Keara is a dedicated veterinary assistant/technician at Saguaro Veterinary, balancing her passion for her animal care with her academic pursuits as a veterinary student at Midwestern University. Working part-time at Saguaro, Keara cherishes the opportunity to build lasting relationships with clients, both old and new, a testament to her empathetic nature and genuine love for animals. Actively involved in the Midwestern University shelter club, Keara demonstrates her commitment to animal welfare beyond her professional and academic obligations.

Outside of her busy schedule, she finds joy in the rhythm of dancing, the thrill of travel, and the warmth of quality time spent with family and friends. Amidst her studies for veterinary school, Keara shares her space with her beloved companions: Bruiser and Queenie, her loyal dogs, and Walter, her cherished feline friend. Keara's unwavering dedication to the field of veterinary medicine stems from her profound love for animals, driving her ambition to become a veterinarian and making a meaningful difference in the lives of both animals and their human companions.