Customer Service Representative

Shayla is a friendly and knowledgable customer service representative at Saguaro Vet. Her enthusiasm for her role shines through in her favorite part of the job - the opportunity to learn something new about animals every day. She keeps meticulous notes to continuously expand her knowledge, and her joy is evident in her interactions with the beloved pets that visit the clinic. 

Outside of her work, Shayla leads an active and social life. She finds solace in the great outdoors, frequently hiking, and enjoys spending time with her friends. Her faithful companion, Mochi, her beloved dog, is a constant source of happiness in her life. She also relishes watching movies, shopping and keeping up with the latest TV shows. 

Shayla's choice of profession is deeply rooted in her upbringing, having grown up around animals and developed a lifelong love for them. Her passion for the medical field, coupled with her adoration for animals, makes her a perfect fit for Saguaro Vet, where she continues to excel in her role with unwavering dedication and a warm welcoming demeanor.