Customer Service Representative

Jasmine is a dynamic team member of Saguaro Vet, serving as a customer service representative while also eagerly embracing the role of a veterinary assistant to provide hands-on care to the animals. Her passion for her work is fueled by the opportunity to expand her knowledge of animal medicine and welfare, supported by the mentorship of doctors who take joy in educating. Armed with a BS in applied biology, she brings a strong academic foundation to her role. 

Beyond the clinic, Jasmine's diverse interests span archeology, history, reading, learning new languages and curating an antique knick-knack collection. At home, she shares her life with her husband, Leo and her cherished quartet of dogs: Brownie, Chloe, Gordo and Biscuit. Jasmine's career choice reflects her unwavering love for animals, her thirst for continuous learning and her genuine passion for connecting with clients who share her deep affection for pets.